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IMPRO (Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer) WebSite Project ASP.NET with SQL Server

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Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer forms the lifeline of the organization to maintain the hierarchy of the employees. It is very essential for an organization to handle the various activities. Such as the Branch, Department, employee profile, vacancy and goal details. This system is helpful for maintain the hierarchy of employees and assign goals to keep track of those goals.

The IT initiatives have encouraged various Organizations to develop systems to facilitate their day to day operations. So, with this Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer can thus help in saving time and the operations will be carried out efficiently. With the effective use, any organization can apply the “Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer” for maintain various information and getting better outcome in less time.

Keywords: Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer, Organization operations, Employees.
ER diagram of IMPRO
Operating system                   :    Windows 2000 or later
Front End                              :    ASP.Net with C#
Back End                               :    SQL Server 2008

Processor                               :     Intel Pentium or more
Ram                                       :     128 MB or more
Cache                                     :     512 KB
Hard disk                               :     16 GB hard disk recommended

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