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How To Draw A Witch - Witches Drawings Art Tutorial
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How To Draw A Witch - Witches Drawings Art Tutorial

Unfinished Witch Sketch Drawing
By waynet
This unfinished witch drawing was abandoned as I already knew I had the pose right it was just a case of re-drawing it.

Drawing Witches From Imagination

Drawing witches from your imagination is quite easy what with all the great reference material out these days in print in books and online with other artists work, you can be soon on your way to drawing some great witch designs and artwork that you will be proud of, but let's assume that you need a bit of help with forming a good witch drawing from scratch, then this article guide will show you how.
Witch inspired designs and ideas.
Drawing Wizards, Witches and Warlocks are the same thing. But to draw witches for Halloween cards and birthday cards or even your own stories is a great thing, just take a look at other artist designs for witches.
Drawing wizards and witches in the area of fantasy are what I love to draw, but for our purposes here, with witches they can be anything you want them to be, for intance the classic witch look is of the wicked witch of the west from the wizard of oz, so you could go that route if you wished, but also witches could be dark a gothic super model looking types of witches. .
A Traditional witch
Here are detailed instructions for drawing the traditional witch on explaining my take on this I go through steps with actual drawings for each step so enjoy!.
The ideas beind the classic witch design go way back beyond the scope of a history lesson, so we shall just stick to this tutorial for our purposes. A black hat, a witches broom, a black cat and an ugly looking green face with  a warty nose is the fashionable look of a witch that everyone recognizes.

Classic Witch Design

The classic witch design, complete with black witches hat and hook nose.

First Lines Of Your Drawing

Sketching a witch.
Source: Drawing A Witch - The First Draft

Step: Creating Those First Lines

 A witch is made up of a few elements that make up the design, first the hat should be taken into account, for it is to be added in detail later, but we need to acknowledge that it will be added for our reference so we pencil that in with the rough features of the face.
I try to exaggerate the length of the face, sort of like a horse(why the long face?) and then the nose becomes like a hook nose that I can make bigger or reduce that later, because it doesn't matter at this point, all the things will become clearer at step 3.
Ideally your first lines of your with drawing need to be done quickly and almost spontaneous to create a sense of urgency that should be apparent in anyones work, doing it this way you can create some brought to life characteristics if you draw with energy.

Building On Your Witch Ideas

How to draw a witch.
Source: Drawing A Witch - Building On The Draft Sketch

Step Two: Building On Those First Lines And Concepts

 In any drawing that you develop, try and think in terms of what will make a good drawing an excellent one, quick design choices usually worked well for me, but others it will not.
By expanding on rough drafts of your ideas you want to strengthen your creative belief that this drawing is going to work so you begin to reaffirm your positive drawing lines and build and refine them further, working out details and things like how much hair should show or how many wrinkles, or an evil grin, this type of thing.
I always get carried away at this point and there is no stopping me once I get drawing. I start off with one idea and end up with multiple drawings that I can spin off into separate drawings themselves so it pays to be a sketcher sometimes.
At this stage your drawing should be looking like it's going somewhere at least, not in the bin though, I never throw away a drawing that has gone wrong, because A) It's a waste of paper and B) Return to it another day and quite often it turns out better with a fresh look at it.

Bringing Your Witch Designs Together

Drawing a witch shading the witch.
Source: How To Draw A Witch - Add Shading

Step Three: Bringing Your Witch Design Together

If you draw like me. You often might start a few pages of A4 sized paper with a few rough sketches all sketched down, and then you can pick and choose different elements from each of these to merge together in your final design.
Your witch design must appear at this stage that it's character is showing through, whatever emotional expressions you place on that design, witches are usually evil, but you can draw them however you want, happy, sad or just back to evil again.
In this final stage with drawing, your details should beginning to surface and crystalize, and things should be looking a lot clearer now.
As with any imaginative drawing the key is your imagination and then from there you go of and try to build on top of your thoughts and ideas.
Good luck with your witch art and If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.
The very bare bones of how you can draw a witch is here!

Final Inked Witch Drawing: See How It Looks More Alive

The final witch drawing it is just about defining the light and dark areas so that there is a separation of the different witch elements like the face etc.

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