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steps to keep ur computer safer

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Minimizing Potential for Introducing Computer Viruses, Trojan Horses and Logic Bombs
There are a number of ways to minimize potential for obtaining computer viruses, Trojan horses and logic bombs.
Individual Actions
1. Never accept disks or programs without checking them first using a current version of an anti-viral program.
2. Never use software or demos with doubtful origins.
3. If you lend a disk to anyone, check it when you get it back, BEFORE you use it again.
4. Never leave a floppy disk in the disk drive longer than necessary.
5. Never boot your machine with a disk in the disk drive, unless it is a known "Clean" bootable system disk.
6. Always scan any program or document download onto your machine before you open or read it.
7. Keep your anti-virus software up to date - upgrade on a regular basis.
8. Be aware of "cookies", files that are automatically transferred to users computers when they visit particular web sites. These cookies retain information about the users and browsing preferences, as well as a log of other sites visited since the last time the user accessed the site, which initially left the cookie. Cookies invade an individual's privacy and have the potential to act as agents of virus and Trojan horse transfer. Delete cookie files on a regular basis, or select the "do not accept cookies option" in your browser preferences. Commercialization of the World Wide Web: The Role of Cookies ( is an excellent source of information for those who would like to pursue this area in further depth.

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