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#HASHCORE: Clickable Hashtags

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         #HASHCORE: Use hashtags in-content to deliver real-time social media information to your readers. Install HASHCORE plugin, then simply add the hash symbol (#) before any words (preferably known hashtags) such as #Xfactor and HASHCORE solution will automatically link them to their equivalent hashtags from real-time social media sources such as Twitter.

1. How it works
#HASHCORE will provide you a JavaScript tag that will allow our technology to run on your web site. Once HASHCORE code is installed on your site, add known hashtags to your content - Then HASHCORE will automatically link them to their equivalent hashtags from up to date sources such as Twitter. 

2. Benefits
HASHCORE provides a flexible way to enrich your #content with relevant and engaging information. 

While reading, your users will instantly have access to the most updated information related to the story. No hyperlinks to create or manage - we do the work for you. Calling all Bloggers and Editors! HASHCORE can bring hashtag-based news right into your site's content. 

Register your interest via the publisher's registrationform to start using HASHCORE on your website. 

**IMPORTANT: You will FIRST need to register as a publisher, go to #HASHCORE - sign up for FREE and create a #HASHCORE account to get your publisher ID to activate the plugin.

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