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iPhone Simulator Quarter or Top Left part of the screen[Fixed]

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iOS Simulator With Quarter Screen

After long time am back with new tutorial in iOS simulator. This tutorial is captured in Hackintosh Yosemite with dual booting of Windows 10. For making dual booting, as Mac and Windows we can use chameleon bootloader. This will help you to choose which OS you want work. With this bootloader, we can adjust our Mac screen resolution while booting. So, if you made any changes in your bootloader, your iOS simulator also affect these changes. In this case, your iOS Simulator has only been showing the bottom left part of the screen or top left part of the screen or quarter screen. You can see the screenshot of that above.

To overcome from this follow the below steps:
Step 1: “Force Quit” the iOS Simulator

Step 2: Open “Spotlight Search” and type “Chameleon Wizard” (if you installed Chameleon Bootloader)

Chameleon Wizard

Step 3: In that popup window, click on “org.chameleon.Boot

Step 4: Uncheck display_0, Graphics Mode (Clear that Dropbox also), cpus=1, npci=0x3000, dart=0. Below shows an image with checked items those mentioned here. Just uncheck it all.

Uncheck the items

Step 5: Restart your Mac and try.

Watch this video will help you to do more easily. 

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